Letter to the Editor at The Santa Cruz Sentinel

Letter to the editor
Re: Santa Cruz Sentinel

Santa Cruz County’s consideration of a fee for paper cups (“Santa Cruz County eyes sweeping plastic prohibitions,” July 11, 2019) threatens a product that keeps lands forested, stores carbon, is made with carbon-neutral energy and supports recycling.

Paper cups are made from wood fiber from sustainably-managed forests, which is a 100-percent renewable resource. About two-thirds of the power used to make paper cups and other wood and paper products comes from renewable, carbon-neutral biomass - not from fossil fuels.

Furthermore, used poly-coated paper cups can be recycled and are accepted by mills that have the capacity to repulp them. Fiber from those cups is used to make tissue and recycled paperboard.

Taxing paper cups increases costs for consumers and discourages the use of a sustainable product. Santa Cruz should not discourage the use a convenient, clean and hygienic product made from a renewable, recyclable resource.


Terry Webber
Executive Director, Packaging
American Forest & Paper Association
1101 K Street NW, Suite 700
Washington, DC 20005