Letter to the Editor: The Mercury News

Dear Editor,

The Mercury News's story, "California considering toughest plastic pollution laws in United States” (Sept. 11), included inaccurate information that could actually hurt recycling.

The story stated incorrectly – and without sourcing – that milk cartons and juice boxes made of plastic-coated paper can't be recycled. Those products can and should be recycled.

Both products are made mainly from paperboard. During recycling, the paperboard is broken down to make new products. The aluminum or plastic lining is separated and used to make energy or for other applications.

These products can be recycled because of industry innovation in both the manufacturing and recycling processes. At least 19 different mills recycle poly-coated cups and cartons into paperboard, market pulp or tissue – and that number will continue to grow.

It's a disservice to readers to include inaccurate information about what can be recycled. Put your empty milk cartons and juice boxes into the recycling bin.