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Paper & Paperboard Recovery Statistics

Paper Recycles


Recovery & Use of Old Corrugated Containers

Paper Recycles

Paper Recycling Fun Facts

Paper Recycles

Paper Recovery for Recycling: A New Record Rate



Domestic Recycled Paper Capacity Increases ‐ Updated 

Northeast Recycling Council


Advancing Sustainable Materials Management: 2013 Fact Sheet

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency


Advancing Sustainable Materials Management: 2015 Fact Sheet

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency


The Heavy Toll of Contamination

Recycling Today


2014 AF&PA Community Survey (Executive Summary)

Paper Recycles


Climate Change & the Role of Forests: A Community Manual

Conservation International


USDA Forest Service, 2012 Update to the 2010 Resources Planning Act Assessment

U.S. Department of Agriculture


Forest Nursery Seedling Production in the United States— Fiscal Year 2012

U.S. Department of Agriculture


Sustainability (AF&PA)



Water Resource Use and Management by the United States Forest Products Industry

IWA Publishing


2018 AF&PA Sustainability Report



Food Residue in Foodservice Packaging Recycling: Overview of FPI Food Residue Studies

Food Service Packaging Institute


Corrugated Packaging Alliance


Sources of Aquatic Trash

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency


Marine Debris: Understanding, Preventing and Mitigating the Significant Adverse Impacts on Marine and Coastal Biodiversity

Convention on Biological Diversity


Ocean Plastics Pollution

Center for Biological Diversity


Cleaning Up the Plastic in the Ocean

CBS News


How Did Sea Turtle Get a Straw Up Its Nose?

National Geographic


Stomach of Dead Whale Contained 'Nothing But Nonstop Plastic'



Meet “Wisdom,” the Oldest-Known Bird in the Wild

CBS News


European Parliament Legislative Resolution of 27 March 2019: Reduction of the Impact of Certain Plastic Products on the Environment

European Parliament


Marine Litter (EU)

European Comission